Caffeine Dreams

A rockin’ little tempest in a coffee shop

Production Notes, or How to Brew Your Own Caffeine Dreams

Let's face it, there just needed to be a musical about coffee. "That black and bubbly brew" has never been more popular, and even people who don't drink the stuff seem intrigued by it. Although Caffeine Dreams is set "just outside" of Madison, Wisconsin, it could be set in almost any town in the U.S. – that is, any town where people gather in coffee shops, fall in love, struggle to find happiness, and get agitated about politics.

Community theaters will appreciate that there are parts for all generations, roughly equally divided between male and female. Ethnic diversity is encouraged and not at odds with the script. For high schools and larger companies, the recommended minimum cast of fifteen could be expanded to 25 or more.

The music has an easy pop-rock feel that might dip a toe into country rock -- the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt come to mind. It is loosely "scored" for guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and baritone sax, with some playing by ear (or reading chord symbols) required. All vocal parts are scored and computer-printed, including lush duets, trios, and lots of cool harmonies for the ensemble. A more extensive orchestration is in the plans.

All of the action is set in a single place -- inside and outside the Rich Grounds coffee shop (or is that two places?) For ideas on directing, choreography and costumes, a complete performance of the show is available on video.

Until it hits the big time -- i.e. gets contracted to an agency -- Caffeine Dreams is being self-licensed by the composer. This makes it a licensing bargain for any troupe on a budget. It is original, romantic, funny, singable, and very timely. 

Use the contact link to start brewing your Caffeine Dreams today.

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