Caffeine Dreams

A rockin’ little tempest in a coffee shop

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Caffeine Dreams (title cut). 
Jack Hayward perks up the coffee shop regulars while getting under the skin of owner Ricky Bonus.

Don't Get Me Started.

Political tensions get personal at the Rich Grounds coffee shop, despite Jack's best efforts to keep the peace.

Chorus of My Life.

The Rich Grounds gets "sconed" by disgruntled college students, and Jack tells Angela she can avoid licensing fees by hosting an originals-only open mic.

Jack Chickens Out.

After driving all morning from the north woods to revisit his old college town, Jack Hayward tries to make excuses for getting cold feet.

My Time.

Ricky finds common ground with corporate big-shot Bonnie Powers, before she reveals her true intentions.

Someone's Got to Love Me.

Angela gets more personal with Matt Pleasant than she intended to, while the coffee shop regulars spy in amazement.