Caffeine Dreams

A rockin’ little tempest in a coffee shop

What’s the Buzz?

Caffeine Dreams is a musical comedy about music and coffee, politics and money, romance and marriage, the ideologies that divide us and the decency that brings us back to our senses.

Considering that it's suitable for all viewing ages, Caffeine Dreams feels surprisingly hip, edgy, and street-smart. There are touches of romance -- including some of the "forbidden" variety -- plenty of humor, and much ado about our current divisions: Left vs. right, urban vs. rural, affluent vs. ordinary, and (to borrow from Jane Austen) sense vs. sensibility. In the end, everybody wins.


Jack Hayward is a small-town guy with an inquisitive mind and a big heart. Fifteen years after dropping out of college, he wonders whether he left something -- or someone -- behind, and sets out on a journey of self-discovery.

Five miles from his Madison, Wis. destination, Jack's confidence wavers. He stops at the Rich Grounds coffeehouse, looking for a dose of caffeinated courage. There he meets tight-wad proprietor Ricky Bonus, Ricky's restless wife Angela, political nutcases on the left and right, and what Ricky describes as “farmers, loafers, hippies and jokers” -- all who play an unsuspecting role in making Jack's biggest dream come true.

Featured video (title song): Jack Hayward perks up the coffee shop regulars while getting under the skin of owner Ricky Bonus.

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